923 Xanadu, Venice, FL 34285 For Sale

Property Description: on 923 Xanadu, Venice, FL state. There are 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in the house. This listing was added to our database on Jun 15, 2013. Listing was updated in 09/03/13. The general area of is 24 x 48. Located in Bay Indies - learn more about this mobile home community. Age-Restricted (55+) Community New plumbing and floors within last 1 1/2 years. New dishwasher. Handicap toilet in master bathroom. Built in china cabinet in dining room offers lots of display space and extra storage. Large lanai. Features include: Hard Panel Ceilings, Panel Walls, Carport, Storage Shed, Ceiling Fan, Central Air, Sun Room, Electric Heat Included appliances: Microwave, Oven, Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Clothes Washer, Clothes Dryer

923 Xanadu, Venice, FL 34285
923 Xanadu,
Venice, FL 34285 - Photo Gallery


Agent Details

  • Bay Indies Resort Equity LifeStyle
  • (941) 485-5441

Homes For Sale Details

  • City: Venice
  • State: FL
  • Zip-Code: 34285
  • 8,000
  • Listed: Jun 15, 2013
  • Updated: Sep 3, 2013
923 Xanadu, Venice, FL 34285 home (09/03/13)
  • Additional Details

  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Bathrooms: 2
  • Area Size (SF): 24 x 48
  • Building Details

Price: $8,000


923 Xanadu,
FL 34285

Contact me at: (941) 485-5441

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