7807 E. Main St., Mesa, AZ 85207 For Sale

Property Description: Mobile on 7807 E. Main St., Mesa, AZ state. This listing was added to our database on Feb 5, 2013. Listing was updated in 04/22/13. Located in Mesa Dunes Mobile Home Park - learn more about this mobile home community. Nice clean home fully furnished. New plumbing,carpet and flooring. Very inexpensive utility costs. In close to shopping and lots of recreational activities in a gated community. Features include: Soft Panel Ceilings, Papered Walls, Storage Shed, Patio, Window A/C, Pantry, Gas Heat Included appliances: Microwave, Oven, Refrigerator Monthly costs include: Lot Rent: $467, Utilities: $40, Prop Taxes: $4.50 Finance terms: Excellent financing available

7807 E. Main St., Mesa, AZ 85207
7807 E. Main St.,
Mesa, AZ 85207 - Photo Gallery


Agent Details

  • Bill Cardinal Homes
  • Cardinal Homes
  • (480) 600-8481

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  • Type: Mobile
  • City: Mesa
  • State: AZ
  • Zip-Code: 85207
  • 6,000
  • Listed: Feb 5, 2013
  • Updated: Apr 22, 2013
7807 E. Main St., Mesa, AZ 85207 home (04/22/13)
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Price: $6,000


7807 E. Main St.,
AZ 85207

Contact me at: (480) 600-8481

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