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Property Description: Lots on 2888 Rush Branch Rd., Bradfordsville, KY state. This listing was added to our database on Sep 22, 2011. Listing was updated in 02/25/12. The general area of Lots is 506 Acres. Hidden Hollow Preserve is the personification of privacy and security. The ranch offers 506.48 acres of lush, secure privacy, beautiful hardwood hills containing vast hardwood timber reserves and gorgeous rolling green pastures. The property contains the headwaters of Rush Branch Creek and is a box canyon so that the watershed starts on the property and the land cannot be polluted. One way in and one way out access guarantees privacy and security. There are only two other families living on the three mile long road leading in to the property and the nearest one lives a mile down the road. There are approximately 473 acres of hardwood covered hills containing 1,628,430 board feet of hardwood timber (75% oak) worth approximately $375,000 at stump value (3X that at mill value). The timber quantity and quality was professionally assessed and appraised in November 2010. In addition, there are approximately 33.5 acres of beautiful rolling pasture, two ponds and multiple streams. The property is 2.65 miles deep and over 1.25 miles across at its widest point. Part of the northern border is the defined topographical dividing ridge in the State of Kentucky along which is a ridge-top road constructed by the Forestry Department in the early 1900s for access in case of fire. Rain striking the north side of the ridge road flows north to the Ohio River while rain striking the south side of the road, only 20 feet away, flows south to the Tennessee River. Although the dividing ridge is only 1300 feet in elevation, it often acts as a weather barrier, protecting the property from colder weather in winter months while capturing moisture from southerly winds in times of heat and drought. Due to the unique topography, the land is essentially protected from tornadoes, hurricanes or other catastrophic natural weather events. Trophy White Tail deer, Eastern Wild Turkey, Red Fox, Bobcat, Coyote, Grey & Fox Squirrels, White Tailed Rabbit, Wood Duck, Bald Eagle, Golden Eagle, Red Tailed Hawk, and many other species abound on the property. A mated pair of Eastern Red Wolves has been seen on the property, a claim supported by multiple sightings by several individuals. The ranch is less than 90 minutes drive from Lexington or Louisville, within 3 hours of Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Knoxville or Nashville and within 30 minutes of 3 local airports with 5,000 ft runways. The original property was 757 acres and was surveyed into 9 tracts. Tracts 1, 2 & 3 totaling 250 acres have already been sold. The remaining tracts (4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9) are still available. The tracts are available separately by the tract or you can purchase the whole property at $1,800/acre. The remaining tracts sizes and prices are as follows: Tract #4 ... 149.01 acres ... $268,220 Tract #5 ... 94.76 acres ... $170,570 Tract #6 ... 82.01 acres ... $147,620 Tract #7 ... 45.81 acres ... $ 82,460 Tract #8 ... 90.96 acres ... $163,730 Tract #9 ... 43.93 acres ... $ 79,100 The 506.48 acre property was professionally appraised at $1,012,960 ($2,000/acre). The appraised value reflects the average price paid for “knob-land” in the area in a depressed market. It does not take into account the extraordinarily unique location and privacy features that define it as perhaps the most unique property in Kentucky. Nonetheless, the owner is motivated and has priced the property at a bargain price of only $900,000 ($1,800/ac) … 10% below the appraised value. A buyer could cut the timber and earn back forty percent of the purchase price. Local bank financing is available with a 20% downpayment at 4.89% interest for 10 years. ALSO AVAILABLE Also available is the contiguous, 177.46 acre home ranch featuring Cedar Keep, the most unique home in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Perched on a sandstone outcropping between two creeks with waterfalls on two sides, the home is 3,600 sq ft of luxury living nestled in the beautiful hardwood forest. A 1,000 sq ft wrap around porch takes in the views on three sides while the largest water garden in the state commands the back yard. This home ranch features 177 acres with 132 acres of hardwood covered hills and 46 acres of cleared pastures. There are approximately 500,000 board feet of hardwood timber on this property worth approximately $120,000 at stump value. The property also features a separate 1200 sq ft, three bedroom tenant home, a 60 x 72 KY Steel barn, a 36 x 48 waste disposal building, a 50 x 100 outdoor arena, extensive corrals and paddocks, run-in sheds in pastures, automatic watering devices, a 28 tree orchard and much more. See Viviun AD 125714 for more details. Listed at $1,200,000 Email the owner direct at with questions or for additional information.

2888 Rush Branch Rd., Bradfordsville, KY 40009
2888 Rush Branch Rd.,
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  • Jon Michael
  • 270-337-2000

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  • Type: Lots
  • City: Bradfordsville
  • State: KY
  • Zip-Code: 40009
  • $900,000
  • Listed: Sep 22, 2011
  • Updated: Feb 25, 2012
2888 Rush Branch Rd., Bradfordsville, KY 40009 home (02/25/12)
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  • Area Size (SF): 506 Acres
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Price: $900,000


2888 Rush Branch Rd.,
KY 40009

Contact me at: 270-337-2000

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