202 Kennedy Avenue, Williamstown, NJ 08094 For Sale

Property Description: Mobile on 202 Kennedy Avenue, Williamstown, NJ state. The house has a 2 cozy bedroom. This listing was added to our database on Aug 16, 2012. Listing was updated in 12/03/12. Located in Colonial Estates - learn more about this mobile home community. Comfortable living space located in Colonial Estates in the central portion of Southern New Jersey. 20 min from Philadelphia, 45 min from Atlantic City, 2 hours from Washington DC and New York City. Seller moving and ready to part with this trailer. Recent partial renovation. 1 year old oil furnace, 1 year old washer/dryer unit, with new paint throughout. Gas stove with range, microwave, and refridgerator included. Full bath with garden tub, 2 bedrooms and 2 doors accessing a 30' long by 10' wide wood deck with overhang. City water recently provided and the access road to unit recently paved with a paved driveway. Price negotiable. Features include: Drywall Ceilings, Drywall Walls, Storage Shed, Deck, Garden Tub, Oil Heat Included appliances: Microwave, Oven, Refrigerator, Clothes Washer, Clothes Dryer Monthly costs include: Lot Rent: $563, Utilities: $200 Contact: Gregory McGrath Phone: (609) 839-9933 Send an email to this seller

202 Kennedy Avenue, Williamstown, NJ 08094
202 Kennedy Avenue,
Williamstown, NJ 08094 - Photo Gallery


Agent Details

  • Gregory McGrath
  • Phone: (609) 839-9933
  • (609) 839-9933

Homes For Sale Details

  • Type: Mobile
  • City: Williamstown
  • State: NJ
  • Zip-Code: 08094
  • $9,999
  • Listed: Aug 16, 2012
  • Updated: Dec 3, 2012
202 Kennedy Avenue, Williamstown, NJ 08094 home (12/03/12)
  • Additional Details

  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Building Details

Price: $9,999


202 Kennedy Avenue,
NJ 08094

Contact me at: (609) 839-9933

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