112 WREN DR, INMAN, SC 29349 For Sale

Property Description: Land Only on 112 WREN DR, INMAN, SC state. This listing was added to our database on Mar 21, 2018. Listing was updated in 04/15/18. Vacant lot in well established neighborhood in Inman. School district 2. Electric available, public water/sewer, cable available. Property to be sold in as is condition. Earnest money to be held by the listing agent unless otherwise instructed. See attachment for PAS requirements and WFHM offer submittal information in MLS document section. Please submit all offers to the listing broker/agent. To report any concerns with a listing broker/agent, or to report any property condition or other concern needing escalation (including concerns related to a previously submitted offer), please call: 1-877-617-5274. Offers will not be considered until after the 7th Calendar day after initial listing period. Non-profit, NSP, and owner occupants will be considered on the 8th day thru the 15th day. Seller will review all offers including investor offers after the 16th calendar day on the market.

112 WREN DR, INMAN, SC 29349
112 WREN DR,
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  • 864-254-7070
  • 864-578-2120

Homes For Sale Details

  • Type: Land Only
  • City: INMAN
  • State: SC
  • County: Spartanburg
  • Zip-Code: 29349
  • 6000
  • Listed: Mar 21, 2018
  • Updated: Apr 15, 2018
112 WREN DR, INMAN, SC 29349 home (04/15/18)
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Price: $6000


112 WREN DR,
SC 29349

Contact me at: 864-254-7070

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